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Don't Kill another weed... until you read this!

Our applicators have been designed with you in mind. There is nothing like our patented FreedomWeeder (weed killer) on the planet! It's environmentally friendly the safest, and fastest way to kill weeds. Our innovative design allows you to  move through your yard, lawn, garden, and flowerbed without tiring from carrying a backpack or heavy bottle. Read what a couple of our customers who wrote us to say: Customer John R. - Idaho "Using FreedomWeeder; ...doesn't even feel like work." 

Customer Roger H. - Washington State wrote "Just wanted to write you a note thanking you for the extra mile you went for me... Most companies wouldn't bother to do that. I am impressed with the looks and quality of your weeder...

Doesn't Matter where weeds grow... FreedomWeeder is the way to kill it!

The fact is, weeds can grow anywhere. To do an effective job at killing all weeds, you really need 3 different applicators. We have invented FreedomWeeder which include all 3 of these methods within an easy arm reach:

  • self-cleaning spot applicator
  • trigger sprayer with adjustable nozzle
  • continuous flow for drizzle applications 

With FreedomWeeder safely, effectively and ergonomically kill weeds along fence lines, sidewalks and driveway, in the lawn, or between landscaping blocks, in between patio pavers. NO matter where the weed crops up, you have in your hand the right applicator.

By the way, this weed was killed by using 100% organic herbicide!

FreedomWeeder applicators are:

  • 44 inches long
  • weigh only 3 pounds
  • the hollow tube holds full 20 ounces of liquid herbicide
  • No more bending over or kneeling
  • No more prepressurizing or pumping
  • No more toting around those heavy awkward bottles
  • one year warrant

With FreedomWeeder you literally take herbicide safely and directly right down to the weed with pinpoint accuracy. So if you no longer want an aching back or knees when killing weeds... get FreedomWeeder!

FreedomWeeder is earth friendly solutions

Weeds and need to know info

Weeds which thrive, they are competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight!

Why weeds is everybody's problem!

No telling where a weed seed growing in your yard came from, right? Weed seeds will: 

  • blow in from a breeze
  • come in with irrigation water
  • attach to the family pet, then drops off in the yard
  • Just a few weeds can be the source of many new weeds in a short amount of time, now it's your problem! 

Beware: All Weeds are not Equal!

Once a weed begins growing;

  • its instinctively driven to mature and produce as many copies (seeds) as possible. 
  • It's for this reason it's a never ending battle grounds, you against them. Preventing this pesky vegetation from taking control over your garden, flower bed, potted plants, and so on...  can be time consuming and expensive!

Are solutions to weeds, pollution for humans?

You know it never made any sense to me distributing toxic chemicals in our farmers' fields to control weeds. So why in the dickens are we distributing toxic chemicals around our home where we raise our most precious crop!! Children and pets!

Unless its organic, herbicide is usually a mixture of toxic chemicals with names not easy to pronounce. I've had great success using organic herbicide, its safe to use around kids, pets, wildlife, and its earth friendly. Through the years, I developed a recipe where one can whip up a batch right in their own kitchen. When weeds begin to pop up, take action quickly. To do so, you'll need the following to launch a successful organic defensive plan;

  • A good organic herbicide - our recipe is a FREE gift to you, 
  • An applicator to apply it - FreedomWeeder, our patented design offers you 3 different options
  • There is not a weed killer on this planet easier to use than FreedomWeeder! Of course, the easier option is to have someone kill weeds for you. :)

There is no other like it!

For more than 4 years, FreedomWeeder Company has helped families achieve an organic solution in the war against weeds! Our applicators are made from high quality materials (brass, stainless steel, and PVC). Hand assembled here in America by U.S. veterans. Our applicator components are inspected & tested throughout the manufacturing process. "That's why you can shop with confidence and rest assured we don't use toxic chemicals in our herbicide... We take great pride in our products and helping customers achieve organic solutions." founder - Johnny Tuttle 

Over the past few years FreedomWeeder's design has proven to be safe and easy to use!  And is the ONLY applicator to offer you our patented 3in1 options how you dispense herbicide:

  • Self-Cleaning Spot applicator - Great for targeting a single weed!
  • Sprayer with an adjustable nozzle - Use where one would normally use a sprayer!
  • Continuous flow drizzle spout -Great for killing weed sprawl along sidewalks, driveway, fence lines and so on...

Each purchase receive 2 Free  gifts;

  1. Our organic herbicide recipe so safe, you can mix up a gallon right there in your kitchen.
  2. Food grade easy fill funnel - for a limited time

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